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What You Need Out of LED Lighting

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Whether you are renovating or have a new construction, deciding to get LEDs might seem like a daunting task. Making such an investment in your lighting might make you indecisive about what to get and what needs you have. When you are spending this much money you want to make sure you get it right and we are here to help!

First, you want to know what type of lighting you want or need and the amount of light you need your new fixtures to produce. You can measure this with lumens and efficacy, lumens measure the amount of the bulb produces and can help decided the light level you want to produce. While efficacy is how many lumens are produced with each watt of energy used.

Efficacy becomes more important when you are deciding how reliable and efficient you want your new LEDs to be. Wattage measures the amount of energy used to illuminate the bulb. Having a high efficacy means you will produce more light while using less energy, allowing you to save money on energy. You also should pay attention to the bulbs rated life; since this is how long the product will last.

Finally, you need to figure out some of the extra features you want in your new lighting. Do you want them to be dimmable? This way you can save money by saving unneeded energy. What type of atmosphere do you want to create? Lights come in all different temperatures and colors, making the room appear differently with different bulbs.

Getting the best savings out of your new lighting is important but you still want high-quality light to be produced. That is why LED is a great choice because they will emit plenty of light while last a long time, using very little energy.

Now that you know what you want you to need to find a company to provide you with high-quality lighting! This is where Persona Lighting comes in. Our project management teams create your photometrics in-house and can assist with rebate research.  Our photometrics will assist in matching products to your needs, show the light levels that will work best for your facility and provide you with visualizations of a project before any lights are installed. Our 3D graphics are second to none.  We manufacture our own light poles and partner with reputable lighting vendors for your fixtures.

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Whether you are looking at being more efficient or just need more reliable lighting remember Persona can provide you with high-quality lighting and help you along every step of the way!