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Switch to LED in 2018

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You’re wondering if 2018 is the year you finally upgrade to LED lighting. After all, it is the newest technology that offers a major upgrade in almost every way. Companies who have made the switch are seeing how effective and efficient LED lighting is for their commercial and industrial properties of any size. But why should you switch? There are many reasons to do so and we will explain below why! 

You can save money by reducing your energy consumption and maintenance costs. LED is best known for its efficiency, more specifically 20 percent more efficient than fluorescent and six times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This efficiency is due to LED’s directional qualities, being able to light whatever area with little-wasted light. Another reason LED’s are considered very efficient is their incredible life-spans. This will limit not only the number of times you have to purchase lighting but the number of times you have to hire a crew to fix or change the lighting.

Another great aspect of LED is how they are highly controllable. You no longer have to wait for your lights to turn on because LEDs will light up the area instantly. You can also save money by dimming your LED lights where less light is necessary.

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You are ready to make the switch but don’t know where to start? 
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